Chery Arrizo 8

The Charming New Sedan In The Kingdom

The new Arrizo 8 is the latest addition to Chery's stellar lineup for this year. The brand-new model is an exceptionally appealing sedan, set on a newer chassis and powered by technologically superior petrol engines which ensures the highest levels of comfort and fuel efficiency. There are two variants being launched; a sporty version for the thrill-seekers, with a dot matrix grille featuring a blue trim, and the more premium, upmarket version with a unique grille design and featuring a gold-colored trim. The light unit is visually striking, complete with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL), in addition to the main headlights, that make for an unforgettable look, the front also houses an LED stripe with the Chery badge in the middle, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on its onlookers.
The Arrizo 8 is a sizable car with dimensions of 4780/1843/1469 and a wheelbase measuring 2790mm, it is spacious from every angle.
The interior is up-market with premium materials and upholstery and the eye-catcher in the cabin is the sleek, 12.3-inch dual instrument panel. The infotainment system boasts soothing graphics and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with also having a digital assistant integrated.
The cabin features a 3-spoked, D-shaped, sporty steering wheel is accommodating in itself, allowing not only for easy ingress and egress but also providing a youthful feel while assisting the driver with an array of controls and buttons, right at the drivers' fingertips which helps to provide uninterrupted driving pleasure. The audio system boasts a Sony setup with 8 speakers, providing for an immersive audio experience. Moving towards the rear of the cabin, the rear seats have enough space to comfortably seat three full-sized adults. There is no shortage of leg room and no compromise on comfort for the passengers sitting in the back, even on long journeys. The cabin is lit naturally as well through an immersively large sunroof that comes standard on every variant of the Arrizo 8.
The Arrizo 8 looks like a hatchback due to its design that allows for exceptional cabin space but has a traditional sedan boot offering highly competitive boot space.
Power is drawn from a 1.6 liter turbocharged, four-cylinder petrol engine, delivering exceptional power to the front wheels and the output is measured to be an opportune 197 HP, also to be offered as an option by Chery, will be a more economical 1.5 liter engine, producing a comfortable 156 HP.
The Arrizo 8's rear looks sleek, featuring a black bar that connects the taillights and includes a lip spoiler on the trunk. The exhaust pipe tips are for aesthetic purposes on both the variants and allow the Arrizo to have an upmarket feel. The sleek bumper also conceals the actual exhaust outtake.
In addition, Mr. Abdullah Madhoun, Managing Director of Sanabel Modern Motors, explained that the launch of Arrizo 8, the newest Chery product, in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a testament to the successes of Chery and its models in the Kingdom’s market, of which Chery has grabbed a major market share and competes with complete might.
Mr. Madhoun praised Chery's innovative strategy to create an interactive platform called "WCWL" to engage with users, which not only helps achieve 360-degree customer care service when using the car, but also provides users with a feedback mechanism, helps them schedule periodic servicing and even lets the user in on activities for Chery owners.
For his part, Mr. Ibrahim Hassan, National Marketing Manager at Sanabel Modern Motors, confirmed that the executives at Chery and at Sanabel attach great importance to the company's consumers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and agree that it is not only an important market for Chery products, but also a stepping stone in the progress to other global markets as well, hence Chery will continue to keep investing in visionary human resources while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction.
Mr. Hasan attributed the success achieved by the company in the global markets, in recent years, due to its commitment to the philosophy of "focusing on the user", and the constant focus towards existing and future consumers in other regions, listening to their needs and meeting their expectations when it comes to Chery’s beloved products and services.