Superior After-Sales Service

Chery’s Next Step in Highlighting a User-Centric Approach

On May 23rd, 2023, Chery’s General Manager in the Middle East, the Service Director of Chery in Saudi Arabia, Chery's Quality Director, and the Marketing Director of Sanabel Modern Motors represented Chery International in an online live conference organized by Chery International. The conference aimed to address the integral topic of Chery’s after-sales services, a subject of great interest to the live stream, the company’s representatives attentively payed attention to the Saudi customers. During thoughts of customer representatives from the region. While acknowledging the issues faced by customers, they also highlighted several measures taken by Chery International to enhance its service quality, which serves as a testament to Chery’s commitment to its customers in Saudi Arabia.
Chery International entered the Saudi market two years ago and has since made significant progress, gaining considerable popularity and support. This success has enabled the establishment of service outlets in 12 major cities, including Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam. Additionally, Chery has opened quick repair chain stores in three major cities, authorized cooperative workshops in nine cities, and spare parts centers in five cities. Chery International's top management emphasized the existence of a robust after-sales service system in Saudi Arabia and recognized the need for its continuous expansion to meet the impressive and immense demands of the market.
In response to the substantial demand, Chery plans to deepen its collaboration with Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors and make significant investments in developing and achieving excellence in the after-sales service experience for its Saudi customers. By 2023, Chery aims to establish at least five direct-service centers, covering over 90% of the major metropolitan cities in Saudi Arabia. Beside the new facilities, Chery will upscale and enhance existing service terminals to ensure excellent on-site service experiences aligned with global benchmarks.
Furthermore, Chery plans to establish a dedicated spare parts warehouse for the Middle East region by the end of this year. This initiative aims to reduce waiting times for spare parts and exceed a spare parts satisfaction rate of over 95%, meeting the timely spare parts needs of Saudi users.
Chery will continue to allocate considerable resources and maintain a strong focus on enhancing the experience of its Saudi customers. In the foreseeable future, Chery's Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) will permanently deploy service and technical support teams to the Saudi market. This strategic move will elevate Chery’s after-sales service to new heights, enabling them to gather customer feedback and resolve issues promptly, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
Chery’s top management emphasized that the Middle East, represented by Saudi Arabia, is not just a potential market for the company's internationalization process but an integral marketplace due to the Kingdom's infrastructure and the strong demand for Chery vehicles. As a result, Chery International has fully committed itself to the formulated "Great Middle East Strategy."
Chery's investments in the market have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the recognition and loyalty gained from over 20,000 Saudi customers in just the past year. This achievement has solidified Chery as the fastest-growing brand in recent years.
The commitment Chery has shown toward continuously improving after-sales service capabilities and meeting the needs of the Saudi market in every aspect will propel Chery to even greater heights.

A testament to this vision and commitment is the exclusive availability of Chery vehicles at one of Mohamed Youssef Naghi's companies, Sanabel Modern Motors. As one of the most reliable distributors and the exclusive distributor for Chery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.