Sanabel Modern Motors wins two global awards

Chery  sales   increased  to the highest growth rate globally

Chery  sales   increased  to the highest growth  rate globally
Sanabel Modern Motors wins two global awards
Sanabel Modern Motors, one of Mohamed Yousef Naghi's companies, Chery Pro and EXEED dealers in Saudi Arabia won two unique awards during the Global Dealer Theme Conference held at Chery Holding Company HQ in Wuhu, China in parallel with Shanghai  International Automobile Industry Exhibition  2023. The two awards included the Best Sales Growth Award  globally, along with  the Best Customer Co-creation Award for 2022-2023.
Sanabel Modern Motors achievements and contributions to the Saudi market maintained Chery's position on top as the largest Chinese automobile manufacturer with annual exports exceeding 450,000 cars last year.
Sanabel Modern Motors is proud of this honor and has full confidence in a bright future for Chery Pro and luxurious EXEED in Saudi Arabia. The company is looking forward to achieving further success, increasing its products, and adding new features that best suit different categories of customers. Furthermore, introducing high-quality standards with cutting-edge technology as a part of the product development strategy which was announced by Chery International at the Global Dealer Theme Conference held in Wuhu, China. Abdullah Madhoun, General Manager of Sanabel Modern Motors, expressed his gratitude for the company's achievements, especially after winning two major awards which were achieved through teamwork and collaboration, and inspired by the Saudi Vision 2030 in boosting the Kingdom's economy by attracting global companies through investing in national and international expertise in the field, along with relations with customers and investors to provide the highest quality standards and advanced technology.  Also ,  Madhoun stressed that this is a new success added to the company's continued achievements which will motivate the company to win more awards in the upcoming years and achieve better results in the near future.
Sanabel Modern Motors Director pointed out that they have set the highest quality standards in mind before implementing their work in cooperation with their Chinese partners, and are moving forward toward broader horizons and major achievements that can be added to the company's track record.
Ibrahim Hassan, Sanabel Modern Motors Marketing Manager, noted the marketing and sales strategies, as well as the company's innovative means. In addition to developing and enhancing after-sales services, besides the dynamic spirit of the company's team which was major to Chery's presence in the Saudi market and promoting customers' trust in Chery and EXEED, which had a clear effect on the increased demand for their products.
Moreover, Mr. Chen, Vice President of Chery, praised the remarkable success of Sanabel Modern Motors in the Saudi market and its continuous efforts in fulfilling the customers' wishes with the highest quality standards. Therefore, winning these awards, thanks to its contributions to promoting Chery sales in Saudi Arabia.