Full-function hybrid DHT

Chery's new breakthrough in powertrain technology: The Full-function hybrid DHT

On May 18, Chery "world's first" full-function hybrid DHT came off the production line officially. It has the first dual motor drive among Chinese brands, which can realize full-featured 9 working modes. It has 11 combined gears among global brands, and adopts the TSD dual shaft drive for smooth experience. The Tiggo 8 Pro PHEV, which is the first model of the platform to be launched soon with this DHT, is capable of acceleration from 0km to 100km in 5 seconds with comprehensive fuel consumption of <1L/100km.

Chery released the "Chery 4.0 Global Power Architecture" at the Shanghai Auto Show this year, and named the fuel and hybrid power solution under the architecture as "CHERY POWER".

The full-featured hybrid DHT is the core component of the "Chery 4.0 Universal Power Architecture”, which includes such energies of fuel, hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen power, forming a full range of professional power solutions covering the mainstream power forms in the future. The universal power architecture of Chery 4.0 and the universal electronic architecture for intelligent vehicle of Chery New Energy together constitute the core technology independently led by Chery in the era of intelligent connection.
On May 18, 1999 , the first engine of Chery came off the production line, and Chery Automobile took the lead in achieving a breakthrough of zero in the field of core auto parts in China.
At present, Chery's latest 2.0TGDI engine, with a maximum power of 192kW and a peak torque of 400N•m, is the best among Chinese brands.2.0TGDI adopts a fully upgraded Ⅲ-generation "i-HEC" intelligent combustion system, an original new-generation intelligent thermal management system, and a whole-process NVH development system pioneered by Chinese brands.
At present, Chery is developing the fourth generation engine with Miller cycle as the main technology, aiming at 41% thermal efficiency. The fifth generation is also under development, which features rarefied combustion represented by the precombustion chamber technology, with a thermal efficiency of over 44% or even 50%.
Up to now, six Chery engines have won the title of "China core" top 10, with global sales of more than 8.8 million units. In addition to automobile engine, Chery has also mastered the core technology of aero-engine, which indicates that Chery has reached a new level in mastering engine technology.

As previous news release announced, for Saudi market, Chery will launch the new generation Pro series cars -Tiggo8 Pro, Tiggo7 Pro and Tiggo2 Pro in June this year, the new models are equipped with high power powertrain. Take the Tiggo8 Pro as an example, it applies Chery's latest 1.6TGDI-Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection and 7-speed DCT- Dual Clutch Transmission engine, 197hp and a maximum torque of 290N.M. 8.9 seconds are all it needs to hit 100 km/h from 0, a smaller engine but provide bigger efficiency and power.