Chery Introduces the futuristic crossover Exeed Stellar

Chery Introduces the futuristic crossover Exeed Stellar, the concept car for its Exeed luxury brand

At the Shanghai International Auto Show this week, the Chinese company Chery unveiled the futuristic Stellar concept car, which is released under the Exeed sub-brand.

The company said the vehicle is a reflection of the direction in which the manufacturer is going to move forward. Exeed Stellar is based on the concept of 4F (Free Hand, Free Range, Free Space, Free Life), which the company intends to use in creating its cars over the next ten years.

The car is named in Chinese for part of the first star of the constellation Ursa Major, which helped people distinguish directions and determine the seasons. This name means that the company will adhere to the spirit of the Big Dipper and move forward fearlessly.

During the presentation, Exeed representatives said that all new cars of the company will be distinguished by high efficiency, optimal fuel consumption, smart all-wheel drive transmission and a level 4 self-driving system.