The Chery Pro series captivate the Saudi Market

Highlighting the remarkable technical development of the Chinese car brand through numerous interactive activities

• Chery Pro & Sanabel Modern Motors provide a Pro service experience to all Saudi customers
• Interactive activities to deepen understanding of customer preferences and develop a better driving experience
• Proven strength, durability & high safety levels under various road conditions in the region
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 12 December 2021: Sanabel Modern Automotive Company, one of Mohamed Youssef Naghi's companies, launched several interactive activities to test drive "Chery Pro" cars in many locations and residential complexes around the kingdom, presenting the public with the new Cheri Pro car series and allowing them to experience driving them first hand. Among the series were the Tiggo 8 Pro cars Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 2 Pro, and Arrizo 6 Pro.
With their sleek design, integrated technology and enjoyable driving experience, Chery Pro vehicles became the center of attention from the first moment of the event. Many customers were fascinated by the display, and were indeed encouraged to reach out for a test drive.
Sanabel Motors Management expressed the importance of such an event: "Customers nowadays are seeking extraordinary experiences more than ever. We are here today to enhance this kind of interaction and listen carefully to their demands and needs, so that we can ultimately provide them with a better experience,” adding: "We are extremely happy with the great turnarout and impact this event has had on our customers.”
Ahmed Al-Ghamdi - Director of a local company and one of the participants in the event said: “Tiggo 8 Pro is what comes to mind when I think of the ideal car, it features many modern technologies such as the 12.3-inch displays, the modern driver assistance system ADAS, exclusive to Chery and the turbo 1.6 GDI engine of 197- hp, a very powerful engine indeed!"
Another participant shared his experience saying: “I test drove both Tiggo7 Pro and Tiggo8 Pro, and was honestly hard put to choose between them. Tiggo8 Pro’s luxurious interior design, and 7 seats make it the ideal car for a big family such as mine, but my wife insists that the stylish design and dynamic features of the Tiggo7 Pro make it a better fit."
The Saudi community is looking for certain features in a car, and Chery Pro is here to fulfill all their expectations with elegant designs, modern technologies and powerful engines.
Chery’s Pro-Design combines between the sleek outlines of its exterior, featuring a diamond-style grille and LED headlights and its smart interior design that provides ample room for the family along with dynamic entertainment technologies.
Its Pro-Technology offers an advanced smart experience with a super clear central control screen, remote starter, 360 panoramic screen, and wireless charging, providing customers with a valuable experience that goes beyond their own expectations.
In addition, Chery’s Pro-Power technology provides great performance at competitive prices. When it comes to engines, Chery China, with its prominent research and development technologies, was awarded the "Top 10 Engines" awards for 6 of its engines due to their powerful and economic features.

In its efforts to enhance the customer driving experience and create brand awareness, Chery Pro conducted field tests on all its vehicles in all major cities in the region, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Mecca, Abu Dhabi and other cities covering a distance of 50,000 km, including desert, coastal and mountainous areas to demonstrate the cars’ strength, endurance, stability, safety, quality of their ADAS systems and adaptability to different environments and high temperatures.
Chery Pro will continue to organize different interactive events to further enhance communication with its customers and develop a better understanding of the market’s needs.
It is worth mentioning that Chery Pro, in partnership with Sanabel Modern Motors, provides great after-sales services that include a six year or 200,000 km warranty, free roadside assistance services for six years and other special services to ensure that their customers always enjoy a unique driving experience like no other.