Chery Tiggo2 Pro ranking first on 2021 J. D. Power vehicle dependability study (VDS)

J. D. Power released its latest China Vehicle Reliability Study (VDS) report for 2021. According to the report, Chery Tiggo2 Pro ranked first among Chines brands in small SUVs.

J.D. Power China Vehicle Reliability Research (VDS) dates back to 2010, intending to study quality issues in vehicles with a 13-48 month ownership over a six months period. The vehicle reliability score is expressed in the average number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), and the lower the PP100 score, the fewer problems there are and the better the quality.

To this effect, Tiggo2 Pro ranked first amongst small Chinese SUV brands with 103 PP100 excellent scores. Moreover, with an average of 143 PP100s, the Tiggo 2 Pro has a score far higher than competing models of its class, reflecting Chery's superior quality.

Since its expansion to global markets this year, Tiggo2 Pro has been received favorably in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and other countries. For example, the Tiggo2 Pro series ranked second among all car brands in Chile in cumulative sales in the first nine months of this year. In Brazil, sales of the Tiggo2 Pro have continued to grow since its launch in June, and its fashion-forward styling has been popular with young consumers.

The Tiggo2 Pro is one of Chery's new Pro family heavyweights, with its diamond front grille, HD diamond lens LED headlights, and dynamic dual waistlines, creating a unique Pro stylish design. While its electric air conditioning, luxurious leather seats, and wide, large body provide the best Pro comfort of class. The Tiggo2 Pro features Pro Smart Technology, featuring Bosch ESP9.3, Full-touch 9-inch family HMI technology large screen, and other technology configurations consider intelligence and security.

In the future, Tiggo2 Pro will also be available in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and other countries, providing global consumers with a stylish, comfortable, and intelligent driving experience that goes beyond their peers.